Failed again

2017-11-22 22:46:38 by NuclearWorm

So yea. 750 cal deficit didnt happen. Binged purged last night at 1:30 am.  Estimated it to be like 1,300 cal of icing sugar and 3 pieces of toffee... hghh...


Today decided to skip the diet pills.  My heart can't handle that shit rn. Had my vitamins...

300 cal of oatmeal with splenda for lunch.

Went on a 9 km walk.  My knee is fucking killing me from an accident the other day.

I have to had burnt at least 2000 cal today. I hope.  Thats what I'm telling myself at least.

Had and apple and a banana.  Took a 20 min nap.

I volunteer in the church kitchen just snacked on veggies to avoid touching the candy there.


My pastor walked into the kitchen. This mofo just starts announcing the calories of things out loud then comes up to me like "i'm on a diet.  You lost so much weight last winter, what did you do?"  

"I dont know i was just stressed then"

"Ahh good good at least you're not one of those people obsessed with controlling and counting calories" he takes a candy and walks out.

I gained weight since last winter... i bet he thinks Im a fucking pig now.  

So ya... at 1,900 cal now.  Im so hungry tho. 

Also lol


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2018-01-05 02:08:21

You're stupid.

NuclearWorm responds:

ur not wrong ther boi