2017-11-25 03:55:24 by NuclearWorm

More binging. More purging.


Today was super bad...  no idea how many cal.

Was rlly rlly rlly down

 Stayed in bed only making trips to the kitchen then the bathroom.

Fainted and hit my head on the edge of my bed bc dumb...heehee that ryhmed 

My heart actually hurts from chestpains but crying makes it worse.

Lol i get to say im actually heart broken.




Also tmi.


My period has dissapeared 4 a bit but after all this binging I can feel those cramps again.  But like. This would be the third time i felt cramps but nothing happened...

So held in a constant state of fear of the dark lord bursting from the underworld to comfront me on slacking off with the blood sacrifices needed to keep the wheels of hell turning.