male practice

2017-03-23 22:17:23 by NuclearWorm

men are difficult






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2017-03-23 22:41:24

And I always thought women were the ones hard to understand about.Humor aside,yes,anatomy is one of the hardest first step all artists have to take.See it as practice for not only your skills but your character too.How,you may ask?Well,the more effort you are willing to put into studying every detail and adding it into your art would show how much you are willing to go through to achieve that masterpiece you seek to create.And while it's easier said than done and there's the risk that you may not only get bored but also lose interest in your work or even your love of art,it will be worth it in the end because your effort will show in your work and people appreciate that.

From what you've done above,I'd say you have come quite far( and did quite a good job of it) and if you keep it up,that masterpiece of yours wouldn't be take too long to show up now!Good luck!

NuclearWorm responds:

Yea, planning to practice more male anatomy for the next week or so due to a lack of any better ideas,
Anyway, thanks for the comment. Nice to feel like someone looks now an then.


2017-03-24 23:18:47

Nah,it's nothing really,just a little advice I've got from my experience.Just be patient to learn what you think is important and some other parts that you think are not so(if you have the time) because you'll never know how this could help you in future.