Not bad

2017-10-19 00:46:50 by NuclearWorm

Iz been a gud day


Breakfast were vitamins.  Idk how many cal r in em but i take alot so count it as 50





And a few sips of diet pepsi

Yay for only eating in bed



Went on a run today.  Its been monthes since i last ran,  so out of shape.  Vision went black and white and i thought my heart would burst.  But have to get it in while its still warm.  Wish we had a treadmill and space for one...


Altho daytime isnt my issue.  Nightime is when 90% of my binging occurs.  Took a load of melatonin so hoping to sleep through any urges.  Can't handle another b/p sesh rn.  I think my throat got a lil damaged the other day, hurt way more than usual and constantly had a hint of the taste of blood in my mouth. But very little visable blood so it's not too bad at all.  just want to give it a few days to let it heal but that hasnt been working out.

Also drank fuckloads of water today.  Purging the last monthes have caused issues for me in staying hydrated. 


Over all not feeling too bad at all.  Was able to resist bad foods and just stick to safe ones.  Hope this continues :)